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LH_SS2022_Haili O Kaulana`ula_5.jpg
LH_SS220_Haili O Kaulana`ula_1.jpg
LH_SS220_Haili O Kaulana`ula_2.jpg

"The Premonition Of Kaulana`ula"

Hand Painted on Silk Charmeuse and Silk Satin, this exquisite piece was inspired by a series of dreams and chants  It features multiple strands of red, yellow and orange lei hala intricately carved from the keys of the pandanus fruit.  The pu hala or pandanus tree is one of the most important and useful plants of old Hawai`i.  While it symbolizes various occasions and meanings for our Hawaiian ancestors and people, it's most profound representation honors accomplishments and the completion of important cycles and journeys in life.


LH_SS2022_Haili O Kaulana`ula_4.jpg
LH_SS2022_Ka Lehua Pua`ena 2_`Ohi`a Gallery.jpg
LH_SS2022_Ka Lehua Pua`ena_`Ohi`a Gallery.jpg


"The Lehua Blossom Aglow"

Hand Painted on Silk Charmeuse and Silk Satin, this brand new designed pieces were inspired by a ceremony recently held at the rim of Kīlauea Crater on Hawai’i Island. Such a beautiful memory and reflection of the glow from the fires burning bright inside of the crater. Ola i ke ahi o Mauliola! I mauli ola nou ē!

Available in 14x20in and 22x90in. 



LH_SS2022_Ke Ahi A Laka_`Ohi`a Gallery.jpg


"The Fires Of Laka"

​Created this design as a special tribute to Laka and the ‘ōhi’a forests from Puna, Hawai’i to Puna, Kaua’i across the pae ‘āina. It also commemorates the hulihia events of the most recent eruptions and lava flows of 2018 in Keahialaka in Puna, Hawai’i.

Hand Painted on Silk Satin and Silk Charmeuse

14x20in and 22x90in

Click on drop down below for available selections.  Complimentary shipping included.

LH_WAI`OLI_Plain Dark for WS.png
LH_WAI`OLI_Closeup for WS.jpg


"Joyous Waters"

Inspired by the multiple wahi pana or storied places of Wai`oli, Kaua`i and the life giving sources of Haloa and Kaneikawaiola who are elevated daily in the cultivation of taro.  Wai`oli is an ahupua`a, valley, waterfall and stream in the Halele`a moku of Kaua`i.  ​

Hand Painted on Silk Chiffon.  ONE only.
This is sheer, lightweight silk scarf.  Wear and style as a scarf, shawl or wrap for different looks from elegant to casual!

22x90in, wear as a scarf, shawl or wrap

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LH_Lama I Ke Ao Malamalama.jpg


"Lama in the light of knowledge"

Lama trees with branches of sprouting liko or leaf shoots of mauve, blush pink and burgundy are truly a feast for the eyes!  With the pop of spring and summer hues, this original piece is the only one of its kind that was made. 

Lama (Diosphyros, synonym Maba) is an endemic ebony hardwood tree that is significant in the traditional practices of hula. It provides a place of residence for Laka, the patron deity of hula in the halau as a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment.  ​Lama was also used in medicine and for healing as well.

Hand Painted on Silk Charmeuse.  ONE only.



LH_Noenoe Laua`e_Silk Chiffon.jpg
Lavena Hawai`i_Wai`opua Laua`e 5.jpg
Lavena Hawai`i_Wai`opua Laua`e 2.jpg
Lavena Hawai`i__Wai`opua Laua`e 1.jpg
Lavena Hawai`i_Wai`opua Laua`e 3.jpg
Lavena Hawai`i_Wai`opua Laua`e 9.jpg
LH_Strands of Maile 2.jpg


"Misted Laua`e"

Named for the Ipo Noenoe Laua`e, a cool, misty wind of Ha`ena, Kaua`i that carries the fragrance of its famed laua`e ferns.  The laua`e  that is featured in this design is a naturalized fern species that has become a favorite plant material used to make lei and offerings for hula.  The coveted laua`e grows abundantly on the slopes of Mount Makana in Ha`ena.


Hand Painted on Silk Chiffon

14x72in - Pink or Lavendar

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Lavena Hawai`i_Wai`opua Laua`e 4.jpg
Lavena Hawai`i_Wai`opua Laua`e 7.jpg
Lavena Hawai`i_Wai`opua Laua`e 8.jpg


Three freshly stripped strands of maile grace this black Habotai China Silk Scarf.  Unlike most of Lavena Hawai`i's scarves, these are first dyed a solid black using a full immersion dying method.  Once dried an ironed free of wrinkles, the silk piece is stretched on to the frame.  The base design is painted free-hand on to the silk, then colored in with metallic acrylic fabric paint with a paint brush.  Every one s still an original work of wearable art.


Maile (Alyxia olivaeformis) is a native Hawaiian twining shrub and vine that is one of the sacred prescribed plants of hula.  Lengths of maile are first `u`u or stripped off of its woody core in long strands (like those in the design), then entwined to achieve the desired thickness to complete the lei. 

Hand Painted on Habotai China Silk


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