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Lavena Silks in the Forest.jpg

Lavena Kehaulani Kekua

Native Hawaiian Artist, Designer & Kumu Hula

LAVENA HAWAI`I is a unique designer line of exquisite hand-painted silk by Native Hawaiian artist, designer and kumu hula, Lavena Kehaulani Kekua. 

Created without any patterns, stencils or guides, the illusion of imperfection is truly a reflection of the beautiful energy and inspiration that flows from the spontaneous dance of the artist's hands. 



Inspired by Hawai`i's ancestral practices and traditions, Lavena's 2022 Spring - Summer collection is  nothing short of fine art, versatile and beautiful as wearable art apparel, accessories and even interior decor pieces that an be used in many different ways. oOne of a kind original silk scarves, wraps and other must-have pieces depict themes of KINOLAU, nature forms deeply revered as sacred symbols of the ancient guild of hula. They also include motifs and designs informed by the history, currents and movements of Hawai`i's special environments.



The creative process of hand-painting on silk is painstakingly meticulous, requiring many days, hours and cycles from start to finish.  Each one is an original painting and no two are exactly alike.  The designs are applied free-hand directly on to a blank white canvas of silk using non-toxic water-based resists.  French dyes are hand painted one brush stroke at a time to slowly bring the piece to life.  The silks are then steamed for several hours to permanently affix the dyes to the fibers of the silk at the molecular level. The steaming process also produces an iridescent, awe-inspiring range of reflective colors. 

In symphony with the 2022 Ke Ala Polihiwa A Kane or Summer Solstice, Lavena Hawai`i will be releasing its brand new MAULIOLA Capsule of ma uka to ma kai designs that elevate our consciousness of health, healing and wellness...of our cherished places and environment, of aloha for family and community, and the sharing of ancestors and their stories!  Casual comfort for any trek, holoholo mission or outing, our newly launched  product line features a limited collection of hand painted trucker hats. 

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother and  ancestors of her maternal lineage, she also serves as kumu hula of Halau Palaihiwa O Kaipuwai, a  traditional school of hula established on Kaua`i in 1945. The halau and Lavena Hawai`i are based out of Studio HA`A in Kapa`a, Kaua`i.

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